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Dynamic Meditation

where I share with you messages I am receiving, how I am interpreting them and how I am (or why I’m not) putting action into them. I don’t believe God speaks to the mind. I believe He speaks to that part of Himself which He has embedded in you. A part that knows both Him and you intimately and can translate His message into a language your mind can comprehend and/or act on.

Fervent and Effectual

The Vision: I was on the train on my way to another neighbourhood for something. I was going over what I needed to do while I was on the train. However, when I got to my stop and had walked up to the street level, I had completely forgotten why I was there. I thought, since I was in the neighbourhood, I would go get some apples from this small green grocer in the area.

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The first

My first “dynamic meditation” was in the early stages of my committing to meditating.

I was lying flat, breathing deeply and repeating the mantra “I love, I am loved and I am grateful for everything.” I was very aware of the various sensations I was feeling but there wasn’t much more than that going on. I told myself I was going to end the session. The thought passed through my mind just as an image, like a movie started. In this “movie” I was standing outside of a building, facing the street. Approaching on my right was a woman carrying a little girl of no more than 4 or 5. The little girl was wearing sunglasses. As the two of them passed me on my left to go into the building, the little girl leaned over and kissed me on my forehead.

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The Purge

A while ago, I’m thinking it was some time last summer, I had a vision. I have no other way to describe it. I know I wasn’t asleep because I remember hearing everything going on around me but I wasn’t fully awake either. “Vision” is the only word I have for what it was.

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Shifts, Faith, Protection & Relationships

In my meditations over the last few days several things have been very pronounced.

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Being Present

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