My mother mentioned that Jesus never sent the disciples out alone to heal people and she believed if healing was my calling that I would have a travelling companion. Why is this important? Well! I had been told some time last year that my husband was coming. I was told he is not going to be like any of the men I had ever dated. He is educated, spiritual, has a good head on his shoulders but was going to enter my life in an unexpected way and basically make waves. I was of two minds about this situation. If he’s not like my ex’s that’s great because I couldn’t do that again. But the whole making waves and turning my life upside down? Dude! I’m just getting things righted again. That side of it just didn’t sound like anything I wanted. I have since settled into the idea.

As I am reawakening my understanding of myself I am remembering quite a bit about myself. One thing that has come back to me which makes me smile is my love of change. I enjoy shaking things up. I enjoy challenging myself to be someone different while maintaining a foundation. Having said that though, I enjoy doing, but I am not too sure about allowing someone else to bring that into my life. Truthfully though, it won’t matter if he’s hot. I’m just being honest.

In between my 2 Reiki sessions life got interesting. Following the first session I found that for maybe 20 minutes to a half an hour my hearing was on a million and loud noises were so very jarring. Then there was the day I sat in my office and I felt someone hug me from behind, although there was no one – as in a solid physical body – there. There was the day I smelled a men’s cologne in one specific area and looked like a complete loon spinning around in my chair trying to figure out if it was just in that area or if someone had sprayed something in the office. On another occasion I was walking to Victoria station rubbing my ring finger on my left hand with my thumb (of the same hand). It was kind of like a tick. Some people play with their earring or hair. Some people toy with their necklace. I was rubbing a ring I felt on my ring finger. The odd thing was I wasn’t wearing a ring on that finger although I felt one. As a matter of fact, I’ve never worn a ring on that finger. Odd.

My second Reiki session was a bit more of the same; being aware of everything around me and every physical sensation in my body. There was one difference. At the start of the session, as Lorna began to work, I was aware of an energy hovering above me. I felt like it had attached itself to me. Not to “possess” me or try to take over but like it was trying to figure me out. As I laid there I “saw” it above me. (Saw is in quotations because my eyes were closed. I guess it was more of a feeling.) It was staring at me as though it was curious about me. It was just looking. It moved and was clear because quite frankly that’s what I pay her for and since I haven’t had any more intimate contact.

Add to this odd phenomena list, right at the top, the vision I had where I was lovingly cutting ties and emotionally detaching from people (which turns out was my spirits way of detoxing and purging any negative energy within me as well as that may have been directed at me – I’ll go into this a bit in another post) and you can understand why this revelation that my calling calls for a companion was a “whoa” moment for me.