Now we come to present day and things haven’t simmered down. Au contraire, mon ami. My senses, specifically my hearing and sense of smell have become more sensitive than ever. I have had 2 reiki sessions both of which have provided some prime material. (If you’re not familiar with Reiki have a look. If nothing else it is a great way to relax, focus and tune in to the voice of God speaking to you.) The first time I felt absolutely everything. I felt her presence. I felt shifts in the temperature in the room. I was aware of movement.

At one point I was so deep in meditation while the practitioner was working that I felt my spirit shake at the sound of glass outside. Listen to me. I did not physically shake. I did not feel my body move, but something in me was jarred by the sound. I could feel micro touches on my skin – a breeze, the feel of a dust mite dropping on my face, this feeling of being awake but asleep at the same time. There was such a sense of peace. I was no longer in London I can tell you that. At the end of the session, Lorna, the practitioner, told me I needed to get to work. I looked at her like “chile what are you talking about?” When I asked what she meant, she told me I was a healer and I needed to get to work; that I’m ready and needed to start.

It was shocking to hear as I didn’t expect her to pick up on that but it was not the first time I’d heard it so it was not knew information. In 2016, I went to a service where they had a visiting minister who prayed for me. What he told me is that he saw God taking out a suitcase from underneath my bed, unpacking the suitcase and repacking it including a first aid kit. His interpretation of that was that I would be providing healing and “going into many nations.” Welp, that was a shock.

I was told at 14 or 15 that I would have a ministry or preach. I don’t remember precisely which one but I remember thinking the lady was crazy because back then I was terrified of public speaking. (Since then I have spoken to the all-party parliamentary group on children twice and been on TV. So anything is possible.) This was a new piece of the puzzle. It occurred to me to talk to my mother and asked her if healing was a ministry. I knew both secularly and non-secularly there were people who did this as part of something bigger but I didn’t know if it could be its own thing. She wasn’t sure so she asked another spiritual person who confirmed that it could be. What my mother added for me was that if that is where my calling is leading I would not be going alone. WHOA!!!!