The Vision: I was on the train on my way to another neighbourhood for something. I was going over what I needed to do while I was on the train. However, when I got to my stop and had walked up to the street level, I had completely forgotten why I was there. I thought, since I was in the neighbourhood, I would go get some apples from this small green grocer in the area.

On my way back from the grocer a woman grabbed me by the forearms and asked that I pray for her. I asked her if she was sure it was me that she was looking for and she confirmed it was. She looked to be in distress. So I took her hands and prayed for her. While we were praying I was vaguely aware that others had surrounded us and were praying with me. When I opened my eyes I saw a group had gathered around us. I let go of the woman’s hands, blessed her and made to leave. I was stopped by one of the women who had been praying around us. She pushed a little girl in front of me and asked that I pray for her daughter. The little girl she pushed in front of me was her granddaughter; the daughter’s daughter. I wasn’t sure but I was taught you don’t turn down people asking for prayer. I prayed with the woman and over her granddaughter.

I opened my eyes and bless them. I noticed a queue had formed, a line of people wanting prayer. I noticed a man standing at the back of the crowd, just watching. I have no concept of how long I was standing there or how many people I prayed for on the street corner. I noticed dusk was approaching. As I came to that realization, the man who had been standing at the back came around to the front, pulled out a note pad and asked the remaining people to write down their names and phone numbers ( I added “and the best time to call you”) and I would get back to them . Everyone appeared really grateful and slowly dispersed. When everyone was gone the man looked at me and said, “You need to learn how to say no.” I looked at him quizzically and replied, “How do you say no to someone asking for prayer?” He smiled a small smile and said “ok, maybe not ‘no’ but maybe, ‘not now’.” I nodded reluctantly in agreement. He took my hand and told me to come with him.

Initially, I was happy to follow but at one point something in me became really defensive and I pulled my hand away saying, “I’m not going anywhere with you. I don’t know you!” He just smiled again; this soft understanding smile and said, “you know exactly who I am.” Somehow it seemed to appease something in me, the feeling faded and I felt comfortable following him. He took me to a mobile phone store and bought be a phone. He put it in my name but had the bill sent to himself. He handed me the phone, told me I’d need it for the work I had to do, that he’d programmed his number in it but he had to go as he had errands to run. He left me standing in the door of this store completely perplexed.

I called my brother to talk about it. I told him about how I’d been experiencing highly sensitive senses and everything seems to be on 100. I told him my fear that this vision meant I would be one of those street minister types and I didn’t want that. He disagreed with me. He told me what he got from it was “availability”. That people would know when they met me that I was available to help. He reminded me that my grandmother “used to do some of her best work over the phone.” Those were his words and it’s true. Everyone called my grandmother.

I was somewhat reassured though there is no guarantee that I won’t be ministering to people on the street. I’m not one for being in the public eye but when you’re called you either accept or not. My brother also made a key connection for me. He said my heightened sense would make my prayer for fervent and effectual because I don’t just understand what people are experiencing; I would be able to feel it. The idea of helping people is great. I feel that is my purpose for being on this earth, to help people. The feeling everything and the heightened sense on the other hand is already overwhelming. My brother did tell me I needed to protect myself (something that was reiterated by a friend when I told her about it). He guided me to Ephesians 6:10-18 and told  me to get my prayer life up. Here’s to the future.