A while ago, I’m thinking it was some time last summer, I had a vision. I have no other way to describe it. I know I wasn’t asleep because I remember hearing everything going on around me but I wasn’t fully awake either. “Vision” is the only word I have for what it was.

The Vision: I was sat in London’s Southbank Center, at the back waiting for a friend. One thing I was conscious of was the setting felt like a way station. People were coming and going but they were a blur. About 10-15 feet away from where I sat, it was a constant stream of movement through the centre with no one’s features visible as it was happening so quickly. Every so often a familiar face would pop out of the crowd and made the way over to me.

As I sat there two women I once considered “friends” came up to me and asked how I was doing. This is significant only because I had falling outs with both of them and I don’t make any effort to contact them. I told them I was fine and that things were well. I wished the both well and they went on about their day. Something in my thought “okay, it’s going to be that kind of day.” A guy I dated very briefly, stepped out of the blur of the crowd and was coming over to me. I met him half way, greeted him. He told me that he was in a relationship and doing well. He told me that he often wondered about me. Again, I wished him well and he went on his way. I went back to my seat. This happened twice more. Guys I dated briefly over the last nine years coming through, updating me on where they were in their lives, us wishing each other well and them moving on.

At this point I revised my thinking. I thought it was going to be a day of running into people who I needed to forgive or move on from. But, seeing him there I thought maybe it was people who needed closure with me. Even as I had that thought, something said no, it’s both. The other thing that came to me was the phrase “soul ties”. I had no idea what it meant but it kept echoing in my mind throughout the vision.

My friend arrived eventually and I told her what was going on. As we sat, a guy I dated, one I really liked and would have liked a future with came up with his wife. He introduced us. It was very pleasant, there were no hard feelings. I wished them well and sent them on their way. Another older gentleman I’d been out with a few times came over with his daughters to where I sat with my friend. He introduced me to his daughters and asked how I was. We talked briefly. I wished him well and they were gone. I looked at my friend. I had no idea what was going on or why.

Other than my friend and the people who would “pop” out of the crowd to come speak to me the only other visible face was a man sitting about 8 feet away who would look in my direction occasionally. I wasn’t sure why I could see him as he didn’t look familiar to me at all.

Overall, my first boyfriend, guys I’d dated briefly and old friends popped out of this crowd and that phrase just kept ringing in my head, “soul ties.”  It was confusing because the group was so mixed. There were people that I was very close to but lost touch with and there were people with whom I didn’t believe I had any real connection.

After several moments passed and no one popped out of the crowd I told my friend we could go. I went to stand but was immediately dropped in my seat. No sooner than I hit the cushion, my phone rang. It was a friend of mine from highschool. I hadn’t heard form her in over 10 years. We chatted and agreed to stay in touch. I sat there in disbelief, still not understanding why this was happening. My phone rang again, it was a friend from university that I hadn’t spoken to since before we graduated in 2002! We chatted and she wanted to get my email address and other contact details. It didn’t feel right to do so I told her I’d be in touch and let her go. The final call was from a friend who had moved away shortly after I left the job where we met. It was good to hear from her and I was delighted that she wanted to keep in touch. I gave her my details and we said goodbye.

The friend that was with me looked at me and asked if we could go now. I laughed out loud and told her I believed it was safe. We were putting on our coats and such when the man who was sitting a ways from me came over. He said, “hello, my name is Carlo. I wanted to come and talk to you but I saw all of your friends coming over and didn’t want to interrupt. Can I join you?” I looked at my friend, she nodded and smiled. The three of us walked out of the centre laughing and chatting like old friends.

I “woke up” after that. Strange right? I didn’t know what to do with that so I called my friend, the one that was in the vision with me. I explained it to her and she believed I was purging. Not, just purging but purging for my husband. WHOA!! While we were on the phone she Googled “soul ties.” Basically it is an unconscious bond that forms between two people. What this conversation revealed to me was that people can feel a connection to you that isn’t mutual. I found that amazing. It explained the guys I dated coming through. But the whole “purging for your husband” thing blew my mind. Something about it did ring true. It resonated with my spirit.