To the right on this page or at the bottom of the home page on the right, you will find my categories of “My Key Construct”. I thought I would give you all a run down of what my key constructs mean, to me of course.

Speaking to Me is my spiritual diary of sorts. Sharing bits of my journey that have an great impact.

Devotionals are just it says. A way to inspire you as you go about your day. Things to think about as you conitnue on your journey.

Inspirations is where I share things that have inspired me and will hopefully inspire you. It may be something I read or something someone said to me that resonated.

The Word is where I share with you messages I’ve heard or read that may help s both along our way. It is hoped that these resonate and provide understanding and comfort.

Dynamic Meditation is where I share with you messages I am receiving, how I am interpreting them and how I am (or why I’m not) putting action into them. I don’t believe God speaks to the mind. I believe He speaks to that part of Himself which He has embedded in you. A part that knows both Him and you intimately and can translate His message into a language your mind can comprehend and/or act on.

Your Imprint is where I expound on any comments, concerns, interesting points and/or topics raised by yuo the reader. It won’t be every contact that engages a response from me, but those that do will be here.