DSCN1970Empathy and Intuition are not just how I see, experience and interact with the world. They are how God, the most High, the Divine, speaks to me and through me. It is the depths of my being, not this flesh, but the spirit that resides within. They can be the truest form of ecstatic living or painful and sharp, scarring. But I need to be me. I am accepting this. It is a journey.

You may not always immediate understand what I am trying to communicate. But, if you open your heart to receiving, you will feel it, and your spirits will be able to translate it into a language your mind can accept and be inspired by. Just go with me. You won’t always agree – I’d love to hear from you during those times and why – but hold on. There is something here for you. I can feel it.

You won’t always appreciate the language I use but trust me there is a deeper meaning. Those times when you feel uncomfortable I want you to question whether it is the concept I am presenting, i.e. the message, or the language I am using. If it is the language, push through it. It means the message has taken but there is a block. Don’t let go of the message. Focus on the message. If it is the message itself, challenge me. I will only grow from the experience. Although I am connected to the Divine, I myself am still just a broken vessel. We can work it out together.